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Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year, New Cupcakes

I'll admit it…we play favorites.

Can you blame us? When you find a good stand-by and someone who never lets you down it gets hard to step out of your comfort zone and trust someone new.

Especially when it comes to cuppie shops.

So I know we've sort of missed the boat on the whole resolutions thing as it's the 18th at this point but hey…at least it's still January. But we've decided to expand our horizons this year.

And we plan to do that with the help of Red Velvet Diaries.

Brave soul Kara has decided to chronicle her journey to find the perfect red velvet cupcake. And she's really made the rounds!

Kara rates from 1-5 and let me tell you she knows her stuff and is a tough critic. She's visited many NYC bakeries, Jersey bakeries and beyond!

And do I need to mention the adorable art work that accompanies her posts, along with the "Sweet Moment of the Day." She also holds a special place in my heart as she is currently planning her wedding as well, which she also writes about on Red Velvet Diaries. I think I can speak for myself and the world when I beg this question: will she be having red velvet cuppies at her wedding!?

She's featured a few bakeries that have been on our radar, particularly Two Little Red Hens. We'll make it our business in 2011 to sample them ourselves. And of course keep them in the running for Cuppie Tour 2011!