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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pull-Away Cupcakes

A couple weeks ago I was a proud guest at a very special wedding shower.

One of my roommates from college is getting married Sept. 25 and we all gathered to celebrate. And of course for dessert...


But not just any old cupcakes! Pull-away cupcakes. Apparently this is a trend I so embarrassingly am not aware of. Rather than baking a cake in a certain shape, cupcakes are arranged (in this case as an umbrella) and then frosted over. So no knives necessary! Simply "pull away."


Love you, Jessie girl...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long Over Due at Billy's Bakery

This title has a number of hidden meanings.

First and foremost it refers to the fact that this post should have gone up a very long time ago. You'll see what I mean by the rainy dreary day captured in the pictures, as well as the winter caps and coats that also make appearances.

Another would be the fact that Billy's and I (and Nicole) were supposed to meet quite a long time ago. Almost a year to be exact.

And finally, I was accompanied on my visit by fellow blogger and all around great gal (and new MOMMY to be!) Miss Sofia Zimmerman. She chronicles her life as a savvy foody in Brooklyn, here, on Brooklyn Baba.

Billy's is adorable with a kitchy old-school feel and atmosphere that's reminiscent of both Magnolia and Babycakes Bakeries. Two former Cuppie Tour stops. The taste -- we both opted for vanilla on vanilla cuppies -- very similar to Magnolia and Buttercup Bakeshop. I believe I'd heard that Billy's is also owned by one of the founders of Magnolia (as is Buttercup). Does anyone know if that's true?

Anyway, here are a couple shots of the shop:

And one of my fellow cupcake lover:

Sofia says another good choice, although a bit on the sweeter side, is the banana cupcake. I brought home the red velvet and carrot cake to try as well and both were D-LISH!!!!!!!!!!