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Friday, April 2, 2010


You'd think this would be the perfect weekend for us to test out more of our concoctions and see how they fare. The best of the best come out to play on Easter, a holiday probably only second in line to Valentine's Day in the emphasis it places on chocolates and sweets.

But alas, those darn day jobs -- and life in general for that matter -- are getting in the way.

It was a week of long hours, so I'm a bit stalled on How to Open a Financially Successful Bakery, and we can't get together for more trials this weekend because Nicole decided to just jaunt off to Mohegan Sun for the weekend!

Just kidding, I hope you guys have fun and win lots of money to put towards SMBS...

I'm also at fault because I'll be spending the holiday with my boyfriend's family rather than my own.

So I guess the point of this rant is a promise to get back on that saddle next week. We're trying to commit to one weeknight of trials and of course one weekend day. I also think we're going to have to head back to Chef Central and Whole Foods so I can buy my own supplies. This way we can do trials separately when necessary. Everything from the first big supply trip is now residing in a pantry in my parent's basement.

I DO however have a first set of logos from graphic designer #1. Whom shall remain nameless until she gives me the go-ahead to reveal her identity. But I loved her work! I'm sure it will be a very close competition between she and graphic designer #2 as they are both very talented young ladies. Remember, these are for our soon to be launched Website. #2 should be delivering a first round of her work on Monday.

I hope this is causing #1 and #2 to giggle :)

In other news, those clowns downstairs have finally moved out! So I'm going to my parents tomorrow to see them for the holiday and I plan on picking up a few gardening tools to bring back and get started with. Some seeds would be good too...

Here's an idea of how much space I have:

It's a pretty decent size, so I'm excited! And those daffodils are going to see an untimely death. I know you serious gardeners out there are cringing, maybe even shedding a tear. But I don't care.

I hope the Easter bunny is good to everyone. We'll be back on track soon.


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