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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Logos! Round 1...

OK! Here is one set of possible logos from a Miss Amie Fedora. Check out her Website to view the rest of her work:

Alright everyone, let me know what you think of these. Please leave comments...someone else BESIDES my mother!!!!

And remember, there is another set coming in next week from graphic designer #2!



  1. Duh of course I love these! I would, however, like to see a carrot cake cuppie logo!

  2. i like them both, but i think the first one would be stronger if the mini cuppie was like the big cuppie in the second logo. plus if you start incorporating the sprinkle/dot into all your promo materials like amie did with the second logo, you could really start branding. but both of them are really good!

  3. great feedback from both, thanks!

    i like the carrot cake idea, but - since carrot cake usually (?) has cream cheese frosting, it would hard to be accurate since white frosting would need some sort of outline to show up....hmm.

    also like the sprinkle suggestion for #1 - AnnMarie, let me know if you need/want any small tweaks after more feedback comes in.. :)

  4. I like the 2nd one, but I like the word bakeshop from the first, think it should go with the second logo, luv non-mom