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Monday, April 4, 2011

DinaCakes Giveaway!

A week or so ago, we featured this awesome cake, made by a local NYC metro self-made baker, Dina, of DinaCakes!

We were so impressed that we decided we absolutely had to offer up a giveaway of her amazing goods. Unfortunately, we can only offer it to those living in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut).

If you are a resident, just leave a comment below this post...and of course MAKE SURE that you're a follower of The Road to Sweetness AND "Like" DinaCakes on Facebook (we WILL be checking!!) and you'll be in the running to win two dozen cuppies from Dina. We'll keep it open for one week. 

The option to become a follower of the Road to Sweetness is on the left hand side of this page.

The giveaway will be closed on Sunday at midnight. On April 11, we'll pick a winner at random and announce it at noon. Wouldn't you like to have a few of THESE show up at your door?

Good luck!



  1. Yummy Yummy!!! Sweetness!! <3

  2. DinaCakes oh so good,
    Open up stores in every neighborhood,
    Your cakes/cupcakes are so rockin'
    On your doors people would be knockin'
    Your designs are so creative,
    I follow you like a facebook native.

  3. Anonymous, I'll need your name if you want some of the cakes you wrote such an eloquent poem about:)

  4. very creative cupcake artist

  5. Dina Cakes are AWESOME!!! And they present so well too!

  6. Your cakes look amazing especially the skinnygirl! Love Dina Cakes & Bethanny!!

  7. I <3 DinaCakes!!!!! Yummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. There is NOTHING better than a DinaCake!!!!!!

  9. i <3 cupcakes and u! :)

  10. Dina makes the cutest and tastiest cupcakes EVER!!! :)