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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cuppie Tour '10

It's May again, and at the end of the month, Nicole will be turning 24-years-old.

I'm trying to prepare her, as 24 is a rough one. For me, that was the year it really set in that no, I would not be going back to college EVER AGAIN, and that I was damned to this life of getting up and going to work EVERY DAY.

I mean, "they" had warned me, but I guess I just never really believed "them."

Anyway, before I digress...last year for her birthday, we started what will hopefully be a very long and carried tradition, and it was probably what spawned our cupcake obsessions: "Cupcake Tour."

Or more aptly known as "Cuppie Tour."

What we did was made a map of five cupcake havens throughout New York City and followed it throughout the day. No taxis were allowed (unless we got lost, which we did on our way to Babycakes) and we were only allowed to walk and/or take subways.  I met Nicole at Port Authority and we went from Cupcake Cafe (545 9th Ave.), to Buttercup Bake Shop (973 2nd Ave.) to Magnolia (401 Bleecker), to Babycakes (248 Broome St.), and we finally ended at Sweet Revenge (62 Carmine St.).

Cupcake Cafe: Voted overall least favorite, but great atmosphere

Buttercup Bake Shop: This is Nicole's favorite and my second favorite as far as flavor goes. Delicious but Magnolia (my #1 will always hold a special place in my  heart). For those of you who aren't icing fans, Nicole is not either yet she admittedly "could eat a tub" of Buttercup icing.

Magnolia: Ammy's fave. Nicole's second fave.

Babycakes: We got lost on our way there and were losing enthusiasm/energy at that point. So we decided to split one and were impressed by the amount of flavor accompanied with freshness. If I remember correctly it was a carrot cake cuppie we got.

Sweet Revenge: We thoroughly enjoyed this place as it again had great atmosphere and the cupcakes were fantastic, served in parchment paper which was a very nice touch. Again though, this was the last stop of the day and we were a bit cupcaked-out. So if it had been up higher on our list we would probably would have enjoyed these cuppies even more. We did each pair a glass of wine with them as Sweet Revenge is known for it's cuppie and alcohol offerings!

So this year, Cuppie Tour '10 is scheduled for Saturday, June 5. Our custom-made tank tops are on their way.

Oh yes, let me repeat, we will be wearing customized tank tops. So keep an eye out for us. This year's slogan?:

"Only the strong survive..."

And that will definitely be put to the test this year, as Nicole wants to add 2-3 more stops onto the five we originally conquered last year. And many of them are in BROOKLYN!!!!

My feet are tired already. We'll be making final selections for this year's stops within the next couple weeks. Stay tuned...



  1. You should go to Billy's Bakery and try their Banana cupcake! It's delicious! Other must-tries are @CupcakeStop and Cupcakes by Melissa, if you haven't tried them already. :)

  2. I hope Crumbs is on your list! I really enjoyed it and they offer "taster" sized cupcakes, so with 7 stops that seems like it would fit right in!

  3. Billy's is definite possibility and yes, also Cupcakes by Melissa. Had no idea Crumbs now has taster-size, we'll have to consider that one too! So many decisions, so little time!

    June 5 is just around the corner...

  4. hit up butter lane on east 7th. amazing french buttercream.