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Friday, May 28, 2010

It's a very important day...

My little sister is 24-years-old today. And I'm sad I can't be with her for it.

But she's on her way to a much deserved shore weekend. After all, she needs to build up her strength for Cuppie Tour.

So since I don't get to see Nicole today, and because she will be at the beach this weekend and I most likely won't, I thought it only fair that I go treat myself to a cuppie in her honor.

Then I remembered how small those Cuppie Tour tanks are and settled for a Starbucks instead.

So here's a cheers to you Coley Stromboli!

Love you to pieces. Marc, Ron, and I will have a drink in your honor tonight. Magic Hat for me and Marc, a cold stiff water for Ron.

25 spanks to you,



  1. Ammie that's beautiful. I am teary eyed. It's times like this when I know we brought you kids up right!

    Proud D

  2. I feel the same Am, since her b-day always falls on Memorial Day weekend, we could very well never spend her day with her. But, at least I got to give her tons of xxx & ooo, and of course her radiator gift, no, we didn't get much out of the class. No low fat baking tips, had lots of fun though. I've realized that Nicole and I have the same personality and we both wanted to take over. However, being the mom I let my child get the full experience of baking with real baking tools. Mom

  3. Oh, my how sweet. Hope you all had a great time.
    Family is very important. But good friends rank close. Love you all. Employee #1 Jenny

  4. Thanks sissy love the post and love the pic gave me a good laugh!!