The Road to Sweetness...

A tale of two sissies and their journey to open the Skinnie Minnie Bakeshop.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day to Remember

I just want to mark today in my brain. So I can look back and say "I remember it like it was yesterday..."

It was this morning in the shower that I decided (well at this point, technically yesterday morning). The morning of St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2010 was when I decided it was time for us to stop talking and start doing.

For the past few years my sister Nicole has been talking about opening a bakery and calling it the Skinnie Minnie Bake Shop. Because that's what she is...a skinnie minnie. That's us at Sweet Revenge at 62 Carmine St., NYC, on last year's CuppieTour (I'll explain in future posts so stay tuned). That's me on the left, her on the right.

She's a teeny 5-ft.-nothin', 100 and nothin' pound beauty. And I'm...well...not. But that's OK, there's always gotta be some brawn to the brains, right? And over the years, she's added to said "brawn" by slowly bringing me on board with her love for baked goods. ESPECIALLY cupcakes! And eventually her dream of opening a bakery, turned into our dream.

"I can tell you think I'm not serious," I texted her after getting out of the shower and telling her of my revelation. "I mean it."

"I believe u! I was serious about it in the first place," she wrote back.

Well, let's see her put her money where her mouth is. First business meeting is scheduled for Saturday where we're going to get serious about getting serious. I'll let you know what our brainstorming session yields.

But in conclusion, this blog will chronicle our journey down the road to sweetness--what we hope to be a wildly successful bakery that makes people just as happy as those little cups of frosted goodness make us!

Eat our crumbs! (we say that with all the love in the world )



  1. I'm impressed as usual. Poppy had an eternal entrepreneurial spirit. He always wanted to be successful and make money. Perhaps his two "skinnie minnie" granddaughters can be successful where he was not. Somehow,though, I have a sinking feeling that Dad and I are in trouble.

  2. Just came across your blog AnnMarie (and sissy!) I think this is a GREAT idea and you should absolutely pursue it. I myself have joked about quitting my job and opening up a maybe I'll live vicariously though you two! Best of luck :)

  3. Thanks so much Amie! Spread the word for us and hopefully we'll be able to put your graphic design expertise to work for us eventually!

  4. So, how can I help other than using my "lucky twentys" Mom

  5. Ok - how did I know NOTHING about this until right now?!

    And will you let Sam make some cakes for you as a celebrity baker?