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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to You

I worked from my company's New York offices today, so I could be in the city to celebrate a very special birthday. Twenty-eight spanks go out to "The Nan." Twenty-two years and counting my friend...

So, you DO NOT show up to someone you've known that long's birthday without a cuppie. God was watching down on me when he opened up a Magnolia Bakery stand in Grand Central a few months ago. This morning when my train got in I stopped off there to pick one up for her.

My choice was the aptly named "The Grand Central." It was perfect as that's where each of us needs to go in order to visit one another.

Here's the birthday girl holding her gift.

On top of blue-green icing is a chocolate chip with the Grand Central insignia on it in gold. The actual cake was a marble one.

Happy Birthday Nancy!

<3 Am


  1. And it was delicious. Love you babe XX

  2. Happy B-day. Hope all is well, miss you guys. Say hello to Mom and Dad, Barbara