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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trials, Take 1: Carrot Cake Cuppie

It's Sunday and I don't feel like writing. Sebby (aka Dadster, Daddo, Seb-o-Seb, and most importantly Daddy) tried to take care of that by taking some videos of today's escapades. Which were pretty amusing. But alas, they refuse to upload :(. And after more than two hours of waiting for them to, I'm giving up. AND I'm bitter that now it's almost Monday morning!!!!!!

I'll fill you in more appropriately tomorrow, but just to let you know, it was an excellent first day. Very proud of our work. We did three trials of our Carrot Cake Cuppie, one that will be a staple, always available at SMBS.

For now, I need to get back to some writing that actually pays the bills.

Eat our crumbs!



  1. Can I please have a sample of this carrot cake cuppie? That happens to be my favorite variety. Thanks.

    - K

  2. Oh I didn't know! We've got more work to do on it, but I'll certainly keep you in mind for a future taste testing. Maybe we should get Dan in on it too since he's worked with a lot of these ingredients before you said...