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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Things I Do...

For cupcakes: I'm willing to let this be shared even though I think I've never looked more awful in my life. But it's pretty funny, thanks to my father's running commentary. He took another as well where he films the actual taste tests. I'll try to wrangle that one out of him for a future post.



PS, I created a fan page for us on Facebook. And right now it only has one. So make us look a little less pathetic and +Become a Fan!


  1. Ah, we've seen some good times in that kitchen.

  2. It hasn't changed much in Am's 28 years.

  3. OMG I finally got to watch this on my home computer!!! First of all, I love Seb's commentary ha! You two are so cute and I love the fact that you're wearing an Iona sweatshirt. <3 xoxox