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Thursday, August 19, 2010

We have a new poll

Take a look and vote, it's on the left. How do you guys feel about cupcake trucks and stands?

Vote please!!!!!

Our very own carrot cake cuppies, about to go in the oven:)



  1. I think I'd be in heaven if I was walking down the street and there was a cupcake truck waiting there for me.

  2. cupcake trucks are all the rage
    you need to have one
    post on line your where abouts daily
    get cracking see you on the road

  3. Con -Financially, probably expensive to purchase a truck, or maybe lease one. Pros - Although, it may be cheaper than renting out a store. If your location is stinky for a day, you can move on, but with a store, your stuck there because of the lease. Come to think of it maybe a cupcake truck is not a bad idea. Mom

  4. Having a store in the mall will cost mucho bucks.

  5. does not have to be a truck just some type of transportation with a way to sell cupcakes and fancy cuppies think out of the box cook at home or someplace you can rent a kitchen and sell from a moving vehicle (car, truck, mini van, etc)
    travel all over, different places each week and find best location your one and only employee of the month