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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interesting Ingredient Suggestion

While baking, anyone ever substitute butter and or oil beans?

This was a suggestion made by a dear friend, who I trust implicitly. But I'm still skeptical. So I guess I don't trust her THAT implicitly.

I'd like to hear from you if you ever tried it and if your cupcakes/cake, or whatever didn't end up just tasting like...uh, well, BEANS!



  1. Ok, as the dear friend referred to in this post I have to say that if the beans are used correctly, they could be a total win. That being said, only use the canned ones!!!! Let's just say I had a run-in with a very unfortunate batch of brownies that were made with DRY black beans (no they were not made by me!)...and yes the brownies were both crunchy and beany tasting. EPIC FAIL!!!

    I think this one deserves a re-try could be a brilliant swap!

  2. Dear AM & Colito. I have used black beans in brownies and they were fine. Tasted thick and rich. I also put chocolate syrup in them. The beans must be real smooth. They go well with chocolate. What doesn't? Try it some day. Cuts down on calories and good for you. Love Jenny